Veer to develop feelings for Shivani in Ghulaam


Veer is scaring Shivani. He troubles Shivani and wants to get her close. He asks why did you drink bhaang today itself when holi is tomorrow. Shivani says Gulguli has made her drink bhaang. He asks her to sleep on the bed. He says you are wrong to think you can sleep on ground. He shoots in air to scare her. He says I won’t let you sleep there, don’t try to act smart, I have many ways to trouble you, its holi tomorrow, I won’t say anything.

He gets a soft corner for Shivani and does not hurt her. Manjeet beats himself to relieve his pain. He asks Rashmi to beat him. Rashmi cries for hurting someone for the first time. It gets painful for Rashmi. Rangeela drinks bhaang and dances with Shivani in the holi function. Rangeela and Shivani see each other. Veer gets jealous seeing them.

Veer orders Rangeela to throw Shivani in colored water. Shivani asks Rangeela not to do this. Rangeela lifts Shivani and takes her. Rangeela is not in senses and forgot everything. ArdhNageshwar stops Rangeela. He asks Rangeela to equate Shivani with milk. Gulguli says I will make Shivani eat well and make her gain weight. ArdhNageshwar tells Gulguli that Shivani is very lean, and she can’t conceive in such weak state. He asks Gulguli to make Shivani healthy in ten days, then he would do a grah puja for their heir.


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