Vikram gets hurt by Anjali’s step in Sasural Simar Ka


Radha gets kidnapped. Roshni asks Piyush what will he answer Simar, if anything happens to Radha. She encourages Piyush to go and save Radha. Piyush loves his family and wanted to make sure that Mata ji and everyone are fine. He secures the family and runs after the goons. Piyush beats up the goons. He saves the little Radha. The goons wanted to kidnap Radha. Piyush does not let them succeed. The family comes and support Piyush. They make the goons run away. Piyush does not like Radha. He just saves Radha for humanity. He gets a chance to get Vaidehi home.

On the other hand, Anjali walks on the ramp. Vikram’s patience breaks seeing Anjali with someone else. He scolds Anjali in front of everyone. He tells everyone that Anjali is his wife. He asks Anjali is she ashamed of him. Her marriage truth comes out. He says she has lied to you all to take part in this competition. He is much hurt and calls her selfish to ruin their relation. Anjali gets disqualified from the competition. Anjali is made to leave. Anjali runs after Vikram. Will Anjali be able to save her marriage? Keep reading.


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