Bhaiya ji’s tricky move to answer Suraj-Chakor in Udaan


Bhaiya ji is playing a deadly game again. Bhaiya ji targeted the villagers this time. He informs villagers that the bus brakes are failed and even Suraj’s jeep brakes are failed. Suraj has gone to save the villagers.

Bhaiya ji wants Suraj to die and has risked entire villager’s lives for his motives. Chakor gets a big shock and holds Bhaiya ji’s collar to scold him. Bhaiya ji tells Bhuvan that there is a remote, either of Suraj or them will get saved by using the remote. He asks the villagers to take some time to think and decide do they want to survive or help Suraj. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that I told you not to go against me, you did not listen to me. Chakor reminds him that she has always won over him, and will be winning even today.


She asks him to stop this madness and this death race. She raises hand on Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji stops her. She asks how can you take innocent lives, stop this game. She says I will strangulate your neck and tries to overpower him. He asks her to think what will happen with Suraj and everyone. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to fight with her, and leave everyone else. She challenges him. She will be giving a solid answer to Bhaiya ji this time. Chakor will not lose and save Suraj and villagers’ lives.


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