More drama and fun with Ricky-Sita’s track in Saathiya

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Ricky lays mouse traps to trouble Sita. Sita gets clothes from terrace. Ricky collides with her and falls on the traps. Ricky screams and asks Jaggi to help him come out of the traps. Gopi and everyone come to help Ricky. Ricky asks Gopi to get away. He does not let Gopi help him. Kokila says his hand is bleeding. Ricky asks her not to do any drama. He gets injured by the nails of the traps. He does not like Sita, and wanted to hurt her. He feels Sita is not right for him. Ricky does drama. Sita tells Gopi that Ricky has saved her. Kokila tells Gopi that Ricky is Sita’s protector, he can’t trouble Sita. Ricky’s plan backfires, but he wins everyone’s praise.







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