Shwetlana fails Chulbul’s efforts in Dil Boley Oberoi


Shwetlana takes the dead Shwetlana’s body to keep in the secret passage. She opens the surface door and slides in. Gauri gets Omkara to the room and tells him that the tiles open up and there is a way to go inside. Omkara does not believe Gauri at first. Gauri says I m trying to recall it. Shwetlana tries to jam the door from the passage. Gauri asks Omkara to believe her, the door will open.

Omkara helps Gauri and they find the way to the secret passage. Shwetlana gets surprised seeing the door opening. Omkara tells Gauri that he knows about the secret passage as its his house, Dadi has told entire family about the passage. Gauri tells Omkara that now they have to jump inside. They enter the secret passage, and do not find anything. Gauri tells Omkara that she has seen Shwetlana resting in ice box. Gauri collides with the mirror.

Omkara tells her that the other side of the mirror is the wall. Shwetlana hides behind the mirror. Omkara says maybe Shwetlana came here for beauty treatment, we should leave now. Shwetlana gets more revengeful against Chulbul. She thinks to punish him for his cheat.

Buamaa and Jhanvi try to find out about the photo. Shwetlana gets to know from servants that Buamaa has the photo. She heads to get the photo from Buamaa. Gauri feels worried, failing to end Omkara’s worry. She apologizes to him. She is sure that they will find the photo. Gauri gets to know about Buamaa having photo. She asks Omkara to come fast, Buamaa got photo in living room.

Shwetlana in a poor servant’s disguise goes to Buamaa to get the photo. She tells a story to her to get photo. Buamaa gives her the photo. Shwetlana outdoes Omkara. She targets Chulbul to seek her vengeance.

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