Swabhimaan : Karan in trouble


Naina is much worried for Karan. Everyone made Karan play holi with them. Naina’s life gets a storm. Karan gets unwell after playing holi. He gets allergy by the colors applied by Naina. Naina gets scolded by Karan’s sister. Naina wants to help Karan. Naina’s brother asks Karan to have medicines. Karan asks him to leave. Naina’s brother says I m a doctor and can prescribe medicines. Karan does not take his help. Naina says it’s happening because of you, if you want to see me happy, promise me you won’t tell this to Sharda and Meghna.

Her brother promises her. Naina panics seeing Karan’s state getting worse. She tries to help Karan. Naina will find out how the organic colors got changed. Later, Naina gets to know Karan’s medicines are expired. She was trying to boost his self confidence. She goes to seek an answer from Sandhya. Nandkishore gets angry on Naina’s question. Will Naina’s step spoil the relations in Chauhan family? Keep reading.


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