Fake Shivay’s decisions draw suspicion in Ishqbaaz


Fake Shivay lies to Omkara and Rudra that he is fine. He does not know about brother’s bond. He can’t digest their sentiments. Pinky announces Priyanka’s marriage can’t happen because of Kamini. Shivay looks around the dark place and thinks of some way to escape.

Tej says Priyanka’s roka and engagement happened. He asks Pinky if she is insecure about Kamini. Pinky argues with him. Pinky tells everyone that Kamini is very cheap, she had kept demands in front of them. She says Kamini demanded jewelry for 2 crores. Tej asks how can you refuse for simple thing. Pinky and Jhanvi are surprised that Kamini started demanding things, when her version was different before. Fake Shivay gets a shock hearing 2 crores. He asks them to give 2 crores jewelry to Kamini.

Pinky says it’s about greed, Kamini will slowly ask dowry. She asks them how can they fulfill demands, Kamini will keep big demands, what will we do if they harass Priyanka for dowry. Dadi and Jhanvi agree with Pinky. Pinky gets her anger out on Anika. Dadi leaves the decision on Shivay. They all ask Shivay to decide what to do. Fake Shivay worriedly thinks. He decides to obey to Kamini’s demands. His decisions make everyone doubt on him. He tells everyone that 2 crores is nothing in front of Priyanka’s happiness. He asks Rudra to send jewelry worth 5 crores to Kamini. Pinky finds his decision wrong. She asks him how can he decide this, by not thinking of her respect. He asks her not to make it an ego issue. Pinky remarks he can’t be her Shivay. Fake Shivay gets worrying.



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