Shorvori to return home in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth decorates the room for Shorvori. He wants to give her a surprise on coming back. Teni helps him in decorations. Teni falls over Parth. Flowers shower on them. Teni and Parth have a cute moment. The decorations spoil. Teni asks him not to worry, she will set everything. Shorvori has come back home. Parth is happy to see her. They have a talk about Teni. Sejal makes Teni wear the skates and sends her towards the stairs. Parth and Shorvori worry seeing Teni’s life in risk.

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Teni wanted to try skates. She loses balance. Parth saves Teni. Teni hugs him. Parth scolds Sejal and was raising hand on her. Shorvori stops Parth. Parth and Shorvori have good understanding. Shorvori trusts Parth completely. Parth turned caring towards Teni. Teni tells Shorvori that Parth saved her on time, else anything would have happened to the baby. She asks her to think the consequences, Parth did nothing wrong by scolding Sejal. Shorvori apologizes for misunderstanding Parth. She hugs Parth. Teni laughs seeing them and hugs.


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