Vardaan confesses love to Devanshi


Devanshi prays for Sakshi’s recovery. She tells Maiyya that she can’t see Sakshi in this state. Devanshi has got an entry in Kusum’s house. Devanshi has told Vardaan that she is real Devanshi. Happiness come when Sakshi gets fine finally. Devanshi is glad for Sakshi. She hugs Sakshi and is thankful to Maiyya for helping Sakshi.

Devanshi runs to share the good news with Nutan, Kusum and Golu. She meets Vardaan. Vardaan tells Devanshi that Sakshi got fine because of her efforts. He proposes Devanshi and expresses his feelings to her. Vardaan’s love confession shocks her. Devanshi is not able to handle all happiness. She did not expect Vardaan to confess love so soon. Devanshi ignores Vardaan. She does not realize love for Vardaan yet. Vardaan waits for her response. Devanshi quietly leaves. She feels awkward and gets a shock. Vardaan will win her love. Their love phase will be seen.


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