Vidya realizes her identity truth in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky makes any new drama every day. Gopi and Jaggi kept a Shanti puja for Ricky’s mum Antara. Ricky does not understand them and argues. The truth of Ricky and Vidya’s swapping truth will be coming out. Rocky tells Vidya that he is not her brother. It comes as a big shock for Vidya. He tells her that she is not Gopi’s daughter, she is Antara’s daughter.

Vidya gets a shock and asks is she not her daughter. Gopi tells Vidya that she will always be Gopi’s daughter, as this relation is made by Lord. Ricky says I m Gopi’s son, but Gopi is Yashoda for you, not Devki. Vidya gets to know she is not a Modi and feels heartbroken. Kokila, Gopi and Jaggi console Vidya and tell her that she will always be part of Modi family.

Vidya says Gopi is now Lord for her, and she will do Gopi’s puja. Vidya praises Gopi’s upbringing and thanks Gopi. Vidya cries and tells Gopi that she understood why people call Maa as Lord’s avatar. Vidya’s identity changed. She touches Gopi’s feet. Ricky says Gopi always lied to you, how can you touch her feet. Vidya says once you know Gopi, you will also touch her feet. Ricky says Gopi can never become my mom.


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