Devanshi in dilemma over Vardaan’s proposal


Devanshi decides to reveal her true identity in front of Vardaan. Before she could tell Vardaan, the truth comes out in a wrong way in front of entire village. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi has cheated them by hiding her truth. Vardaan gets angry with Devanshi for lying to him, who regards her very important in his life. Vardaan too feels cheated and does not know how to trust Devanshi.

Kusum plans to take revenge from Devanshi and instigates the villagers against Devanshi once again. She asks the villagers to ask Devanshi the eason for hiding such big truth from them. Kusum has cleared Devanshi’s name in the village. She tells the villagers that now Devanshi is not any Chudail for them, but the fact that Devanshi lied to them has hurt them a lot. Villagers tend to agree with Kusum.


Devanshi meets Vardaan and finds him very upset with her. She tries to explain her that she has lied to him so that Sakshi’s treatment does not stop in Jwalapuri. She explains how much Sakshi and the promise given to Omi matter to her. Kusum gets in disguise and tries to attack Devanshi and Sakshi. Devanshi saves herself and Sakshi. Vardaan gets too emotional and fears to lose Devanshi. He confesses his love to Devanshi, which leaves her shocked, knowing even Sakshi is in love with Vardaan.


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