Holi Celebrations to bring new twists in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil, Riya, Ali and Avni dance in the Holi celebrations. Both the families are celebrating. Avni did not wish Khannas family to come. Everything gets fine between Khannas and Mehtas. Avni was trying to avoid Neil. She hides from Neil thinking he is doubting on her. She tries to leave from the party. Neil comes in her way and stops her. Neil gets suspicious about her.

Riya is happy that her relation with Neil did not break by the misunderstandings. Neil and Riya get engaged. Shweta gets angry seeing Prakash dancing with Diksha. Diksha is drunk and flirts with Prakash. Shweta calls them disgusting. Dayavanti controls Diksha from spoiling the scene. Neil does not have any doubt on Dayavanti. Will Neil find out Avni’s motives? Keep reading.


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