Ishita to stand by Raman through tough times in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman is blamed for Vandu’s accident and death. Raman tries to find out from police about the culprit. Inspector arrests Raman for the crime and tells the family that Raman’s car was spotted hitting Vandu in the CCTV footage. Raman does not know what to say and accepts the blame without any denial.

Ishita can’t believe Raman can hit someone and run without taking the responsibility of the injured person. Ishita holds belief that Raman is innocent. She tries asking Raman about the accident. Raman has no answer and keeps numb. Raman apologizes to Iyers for Vandu’s loss. Ishita gets into a doubt that Raman is hiding some secret from Iyers and Bhallas.

Amma gets a doubt on Raman, and thinks he is the culprit. Raman feels guilty to hide the matter from Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to think of Raman, who is more than a son for her. Amma can’t get over Vandu’s death. Ishita rushes to meet Raman at the police station. Aaliya pacifies Adi and Ruhi and gives them hope that everything will be fine. Adi finds hard to accept that Raman did Vandu’s accident. Raman is unable to prove his innocent and gets more doubts on himself. Mihika hopes Raman did not do the accident. Iyers and Bhallas get divided. Whom is Raman protecting this time? Who is the culprit behind Vandu’s accident? Keep reading.


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