Bhaiya ji to turn mad by failure in Udaan


Chakor and Bhaiya ji aim gun at each other. She tells him that Suraj is her future, Suraj is her love. She finds a way to save Suraj and villagers. Chakor can go to any extent to save innocent lives. She shoots at him angrily. He drops his gun and gets a shock. He understands she has lost her senses. She asks him to tell her how to stop the bus. He gets tensed and agrees to stop the bus. He asks her to give his phone.

Bhaiya ji calls his man and orders him to stop the bus. Bhaiya ji gets mad by the defeat. He gets a shock and ignites fire in room, saying its holi. He dances in his room. Ragini stops Bhaiya ji, and asks how did you tell Chakor about the bus, how can you get scared when Chakor shot on your hand. She says I understand you are in shock, but come to senses now. She says you got this shock by your mistake, Suraj has won, Chakor would have not shot you, she was just scaring you. Bhaiya ji asks where is Tejaswini, I have to play holi with her. Ranjana asks her what is he saying, Tejaswini is not his wife now.

Ragini reminds he has thrown Tejaswini out of the haveli. He asks are they mad to say this, he loves Tejaswini a lot. He asks how can they make Tejaswini leave. He thinks she is hiding somewhere and looks for her. Bhaiya ji gets mad. Ranjana and Ragini get shocked. He orders them to get Tejaswini back to haveli. Did Bhaiya ji really lose his memory in shock or acting to plot a new game against Suraj and Chakor? Keep reading.


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