Abhimanyu leaves a clue for Gitanjali in Koi Laut…

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Gitanjali hears Abhimanyu calling her. She runs out in the haveli following his voice. The lights start flickering. Gitanjali looks for him. She sees Abhimanyu coming to her. Abhimanyu meets Gitanjali. She hugs him and asks where did he go leaving her. She adds it was very tough for her to live without him, but she had the belief that he will return for her.

Gitanjali expresses her annoyance to him. She asks him why did he take so much time to come back. Abhimanyu and Gitanjali shed tears. She does not want him to go away. She gets a huge shock seeing Abhimanyu stabbed in his back. She asks Abhimanyu to tell him who has done this with him. Abhimanyu tells her that the person who separated them has won.

She cries seeing Abhimanyu murdered. He asks her to find out who has separated them. He tells her that they got separated once again. She cries that she will not let anything happen to him. This dream sequence makes her realize that Abhimanyu was murdered and wants her to find his murderer. Will Gitanjali understand Abhimanyu’s clue and find out the truth? Keep reading.


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