Maya’s obsession to get high in Beyhadh


There is a leap of three years. Maya plans something special to celebrate her marriage anniversary with Arjun. Maya and Arjun will be seen living a burdened relationship with fake happiness and broken peace. Maya surprises Arjun and wants to make everything fine. Arjun is deeply angered with her. He asks Maya not to joke that its happy anniversary, as they are not happy. They act as a happy couple in front of the guests.

Maya and Arjun take vows in front of people. Maya tells everyone that Arjun is her love and passion, none can separate them. Arjun is not interested to be with Maya, but has to smile and agree to her in front of people. Maya’s craze is upsetting Arjun. Arjun says I hate you in her ears. Maya keeps a smile on her face. Everyone praise Maya and Arjun’s pairing. Arjun gets drunk. Maya makes him wear a chain and pendant.

Arjun says I was finding a dog’s collar and you got a chain for me. She tells she loves him. He tells her that his heart just has silence now. He throws the chain and pendant away. He gets angry on Maya and asks what does she want to hear from him. He loses his control seeing the spying chip inside the pendant. He asks Maya is this her love. Their friends stop Arjun. Arjun is fed up and does not like anything. He knows Maya’s obsession truth. He is frustrated because of her fake love and wrong doings. Arjun leaves from there. The guests ask Maya how can Arjun do this, he does not deserve Maya. Maya gets angry and scolds the guests for saying bad about Arjun. Maya calls off the party.


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