Ragini to get Bhaiya ji’s reign in Udaan


Bhaiya ji has lost his mental balance. There is much drama around the heir ship. Ranjana makes Ragini sit in Bhaiya ji’s place. Ragini’s dream to sit on the special chair has succeeded. Bhaiya ji has turned mad after he failed to kill Suraj. Ranjana decides that Ragini should manage everything now. She does not want Chakor, Imli and Vivaan to do anything against them. Ranjana hears Tejaswini will come back home with Suraj.

Ranjana gives the locker keys to Ragini. Chakor asks Ranjana how did she give Bhaiya ji’s place to Ragini. Ranjana tells Chakor that Ragini is the head of Aazaadgunj now. Chakor can’t believe Ragini has become the heir, when Bhaiya ji never gave such place to Suraj. Chakor doubts something is fishy and tries to spy. Ranjana does Ragini’s tilak. She does the rituals. Ragini gets glad to rule over the village.

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