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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Badi Rani Maa asks Rani to win Raja in the time given to her. Rani and Naina get after Raja. Rani tells Naina that Raja is her husband. Rani and Naina fight. Raja asks them to stop it and leaves from there.


There is a leap of three years. Maya plans something special to celebrate her marriage anniversary with Arjun. Maya and Arjun will be seen living a burdened relationship with fake happiness and broken peace. Maya surprises Arjun and wants to make everything fine. Arjun is deeply angered with her. He asks Maya not to joke that its happy anniversary, as they are not happy. They act as a happy couple in front of the guests.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali gets a chance to make her marital relation with Vikram fine. Anjali throws a party at home. She dances with her friends. Vikram and Anjali are happy to make a new start. Anjali’s friend asks Anjali to dance with Vikram on her favorite song. Vikram and Anjali give a romantic performance. Tai ji plans to ruin Anjali’s party. Tai ji burns her own hand. Vikram runs to Tai ji and worries for her hand. He asks someone to get medicines. Anjali sees Tai ji’s plan.


Maldawali tries to feed Shivani forcibly. Veer sees Shivani not ready to have food. He tells Shivani that she has to gain weight. Maldawali tells Veer that Shivani did not eat anything from the food Gulguli decided for her. Veer can’t beat Shivani, as Gulguli stopped him. He knows Shivani agrees to Rangeela. Veer asks Rangeela to feed food to Shivani. Shivani realized her love for Rangeela. She does not want Veer to beat up Rangeela and eats food by Rangeela’s hands.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Gitanjali hears Abhimanyu calling her. She runs out in the haveli following his voice. The lights start flickering. Gitanjali looks for him. She sees Abhimanyu coming to her. Abhimanyu meets Gitanjali. She hugs him and asks where did he go leaving her. She adds it was very tough for her to live without him, but she had the belief that he will return for her.


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