KaiRa’s new beginning in Yeh Rishta…


Naira impresses her inlaws on her very first day in her Sasural. Naira does aarti in morning. Dadi is happy to see Kartik joining the aarti, which he never did before. Dadi realizes Naira has brought positivity in the house. Kartik joins seeing Naira and Dadi. Kartik shows support to Naira. He makes it sure that everything should be sorted for Naira.

Naira goes for her First rasoi rasam. Mansi asks Naira to make kachoris for them. Naira knows everyone’s choice to cook the food. Naksh comes to take Naira for Pagphere rasam. Naira sees everyone busy and not dining together. She feels the family is different. She does not know them well. She finds it difficult to settle. Kartik asks her to relax, she will get to know everyone in some time. Kartik plans to leave the house in some days. Suwarna has expectations from Naira that she will make Kartik stay with Goenka family. Naira worries by the expectations. Dadi and Manish do not know Kartik’s plan to shift to his new house.

Naira ends Dadi’s annoyance. Dadi was angry when Naira blamed Aditya for domestic violence. Kartik and Naira decide to not talk about Aditya, as its affecting their relation. Naira gets leaving for the Pagphere rasam. Suwarna and Kartik save Naira from falling down. Kartik does not want to take any help from Suwarna. Kartik sends Naira to meet Singhanias, and tells her he would come soon to get her back home. Will Naira convince Kartik to stay with Goenkas? Keep reading.


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