Roshni fails to bring out Vaidehi-Khushi’s truth


Simar gets angry on Piyush. She says Piyush is blind in Vaidehi’s love. She tells Roshni has proof against Vaidehi, and she is not saying anything like that. Simar says Roshni has the recording, which will make Vaidehi speechless. She asks Piyush not to behave bad with Simar, as Simar has always loved him a lot.

Piyush asks Simar why is she supporting Roshni, when Roshni plotted much against Vaidehi and him. He says Vaidehi is my responsibility and I have to fulfill it. Roshni tells Piyush that she recorded Vaidehi’s truth. Roshni checks the recording deleted and asks Piyush to believe him, she really had the recording. Piyush does not believe Roshni and Simar. He tells Simar that now he can’t stay with them. Simar and Roshni try to explain that Vaidehi and Khushi are together. Piyush says I will leave the house, if Vaidehi can’t stay here. Vaidehi is happy and recalls changing the recording with a song to fail Roshni’s plan.


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