TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai: Priyam is supporting Gitanjali in finding Abhimanyu’s murderer. The murderer tries to kill Priyam to stop him from exposing truth. Priyam gets the milk and doubts on it. The milk falls and the servant observes glass pieces added in the milk. Choti Maa maybe behind the incident. Gitanjali gets to know this matter and gets a shock. She tells Choti Maa that Abhimanyu’s murderer has done this. She says that murderer does not want me to reach the secrets. She worries for Priyam’s safety.


Veer asks Rangeela to either gain Shivani’s weight or die. He asks Rangeela to make the rope knot and hang himself if he fails to make Shivani healthy in 21 days. Veer says if you fail to increase her weight by 10 kgs, I will hang you to death. Shivani can’t see Rangeela dying. She thinks to have food as per Gulguli’s diet chart to save Rangeela. Shivani worries seeing Veer’s conditions. Rangeela goes to Shivani and asks her to have food on her own. He knows Shivani will not let him die. He worries thinking whether Shivani will gain weight in time as per ArdhNageshwar’s command or not.



Vivaan gets angry on Ranjana. He shouts you are a stain on woman’s name. He got to know truth that Ranjana has killed Manohar. He asks her how can she kill Manohar. He hates Ranjana. He says I loved my Papa, and he also truly loved me, you have snatched my Papa from me. He does not want to spare Ranjana’s life. He asks her not to lie now. He has heard Ranjana and Chakor talking. He has heard Ranjana accepting the truth. Ranjana tells Vivaan that Chakor has made her say all this as its her plan to divide them. She tries to fool Vivaan and break his friendship with Chakor.


Vardaan has confessed love to Devanshi. Devanshi could not answer him. On the other hand, Sakshi gets much upset and sheds tears. Sakshi scolds Devanshi and says you have snatched everything from me, you have cheated me. Devanshi asks Sakshi what does she mean. Sakshi says you have snatched my love Vardaan from me. Devanshi did not know that Vardaan printed Devanshi and his wedding cards. He announced his wedding with Devanshi, knowing Devanshi’s answer to his proposal will be yes.


Maya threw the party to celebrate her third anniversary. She gives a big news to the media. She says a little member is going to come in our life. She announces Arjun and she are always together, and now they will be blessed with a baby. Arjun gets a shock hearing this. Maya keeps the press conference to give clarification about their arguments in the party. Arjun tells media that he loves Maya a lot.


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