Baby to humiliate Suhani and Pratima

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Baby does not leave any chance to insult Suhani. She hides and eats food in kitchen, and acts to keep the fast for Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj catches her having sweets. Suhani and Pratima are sure that Yuvraaj will break Suhani’s fast by remembering all her hardships and support. Yuvraaj falls in trouble, and yet manages to break Suhani’s fast. Baby’s plan to trouble Krishna fails. Krishna and Saiyyam do puja. Saiyyam breaks her fast. They appear happy together, which irks Baby.

Suhani overhears Yuvraaj calling her mad and justifying his step to marry Baby to maintain peace in-house. She gets emotionally hurt and decides to leave the house. Suhani packs her bags and gets leaving. Saiyyam asks Suhani to take him and Krishna along, as Suhani matters the most to them. He tells Suhani that his life will get incomplete without her. Baby creates a scene and asks Suhani for the locker keys. Pratima defends Suhani and handsover the locker keys to Baby. Baby and Dadi insult Suhani, and ask her to stay back in Baby and Yuvraaj’s reception party. Baby makes plans to humiliate Suhani in front of all the guests. Will Baby succeed? How will Pratima safeguard Suhani? Keep reading.






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