Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Dil Se Dil Tak: Dadi gets shocked seeing Parth and Shorvori arguing over Teni. Parth asks Shorvori why did Teni take all the mangoes which he gifted her. Shorvori says its limit, you are really shouting for no reason. Dadi and Maa see them and do not understand what’s happening. After the elders leave, Shorvori asks Parth not to feel bad of anything and hugs him. She says we had to fight, so that elders don’t react seeing Teni getting our attention. She does not want anyone to realize their secret that Teni is having their baby in her womb.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Tai ji’s plan is exposed. Anjali tells Vikram that Tai ji acted to burn her hand to spoil her party. Anjali finds there was something wrong and meets the doctor. She got to know that Tai ji has done drama by applying the solution on hand and ignited fire in front of him. Anjali applies the solution and shows Vikram by burning her hand. She tells Vikram that her hand did not burn by the solution, same way Tai ji has done this to make us away.


Karan’s behavior starts changing. He comes to dine with everyone, which surprises everyone. Kunal says its a good surprise, that he has come to have breakfast with us. Everyone knew Karan dines in his room. Karan is affected after talking to Naina. Naina and Karan turned friends. Sandhya does not like this change in Karan. She asks him to come, they have appointment with doctor. She makes him hurry and does not let him have food with family. Naina gets sad seeing Karan leaving.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan tries to save Bani who is caged. Bihaan gets a current shock on touching the cage. Shikawat family wants to make Bani their bahu and is forcing Bihaan and Thapki. Vasundara shouts on them for entering their house. Thapki asks them to release Bani. Bihaan does not agree to Shikhawat family. The guy asks Bihaan to accept him as son in law and bless him. Bihaan says you are just a young boy. The guy says I m going to become Bani’s husband now. Bihaan finds a way to get Bani out of cage. Vasundara makes someone else sit inside the cage, and takes Bani with them. Bihaan hugs Bani.


Pakhi asks Suraj to confess feelings to Chakor. Chakor meets Suraj. She asks him what does he have to say. He asks her to come with him to the fair. Chakor happily agrees to go with him. She goes to haveli to get ready. Pakhi is trying to make their love story progress. She gives a flower to Suraj and asks him to give it to Chakor. Suraj loses courage to speak out his feelings.


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