Dadi to realize Parth and Shorvori’s drama in Dil Se Dil Tak


Dadi gets shocked seeing Parth and Shorvori arguing over Teni. Parth asks Shorvori why did Teni take all the mangoes which he gifted her. Shorvori says its limit, you are really shouting for no reason. Dadi and Maa see them and do not understand what’s happening. After the elders leave, Shorvori asks Parth not to feel bad of anything and hugs him. She says we had to fight, so that elders don’t react seeing Teni getting our attention. She does not want anyone to realize their secret that Teni is having their baby in her womb.

Later, Shorvori and Teni fight in kitchen to show Maa. Maa made the halwa specially for Shorvori. Maa has told Shorvori that the halwa is good for the baby. Shorvori does not let Teni eat the halwa and acts in front of Maa. Teni argues with Shorvori. Maa then asks Shorvori to share the halwa with Teni and sympathizes with Teni. Shorvori’s plan succeeds. Dadi tells Shorvori that Parth is getting inclined towards Teni, and we know all the truth. Dadi says I will tell all this to your Dada ji. Shorvori worries and thinks how to stop Dadi.


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