Dil Boley Oberoi: Omkara to stab Chulbul


Gauri tries to know about Maya from Omkara. Omkara tells Gauri that he has seen Maya in the house. Gauri does not believe in spirits. Omkara asks Gauri how can Maya fly in air if she is not any spirit. He tells Gauri that he has seen Maya dying in the factory. Gauri has not seen Maya even in the factory. Omkara says I have seen her burning in the fire, it means she had died and returned as a spirit.

Omkara spots Maya outside the window and asks Gauri to see. Gauri gets to see Maya roaming around and gets a big shock, realizing Omkara was saying true. They run to find Maya. They spot Maya. Both of them get a shock. Gauri tells Omkara that they have seen an illusion, its not any spirit.

Gauri doubts someone is doing this, as spirits do not exist. Gauri wants to prove that someone is fooling him. Shwetlana plans to make Omkara mad. Shwetlana will soon realize that Chulbul is actually Gauri. Omkara too gets close to find Chulbul’s secrets, while Gauri tries to find out Shwetlana’s truth. Shwetlana’s master plan makes Omkara lose his mind. Omkara stabs Chulbul, shockingly. Is this Omkara and Gauri’s plan to fool Shwetlana? Keep reading.


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