High suspense and drama in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Suman kidnaps Vividha and Madhav with the help of the tantric lady. Vividha does not see Suman’s face. Atharv looks for Vividha, but Guddi distracts him by acting unwell. Atharv rushes Guddi to the hospital. Guddi does not get checkup done by the doctor. She makes Atharv busy and does not let him head back home.

Suman and tantric lady prepare for the Maha Amavasya’s night and sacrifice. Suman throws a party to show Madhav’s death as an accident. She surprises Atharv saying its his birthday. Atharv thanks Suman and gets happy. The family makes Atharv forget about Vividha and Madhav. Suman shows her evil face to Vividha and tells her that Madhav never made stories, he always said true about her.


She tells Vividha that she will know it tonight what is her aim. Vividha gets angry on Suman for cheating all of them, and even Ravish. Suman does not regret to cheat anyone. She says I m doing this for a bigger cause, for someone dear’s happiness. Suman wants to get rid of the old curse of the maid Kajri, who died accidentally by Suman’s hands. Suman has aim to calm down Kajri’s anger and curse by sacrificing Madhav. Suman takes away Madhav with her. Vividha tries hard to get freed and save Madhav. Will Atharv come ahead to rescue his son? Keep reading.


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