Gitanjali to hunt for the attacker in Koi Laut…

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Gitanjali wants to find Abhimanyu’s murderer. She is trying to link all the clues to reach the murderer. She goes to the small locality, to find out who has worn Rishabh’s coat and attacked her. She is sure that Rishabh can’t attack her. Gitanjali screams seeing a man lying dead in the color dye. She was finding the man Gopal and gets shocked seeing him dead.

On the other hand, Rishabh comes to temple on his birthday as per his family traditions. Choti Maa got Priyam along. Rishabh is upset by Priyam’s company. Bhairavi dances in the temple. Bhairavi threatens Rishabh. She warns him about his secrets. Priyam comes to take Rishabh along. Priyam leaves Rishabh’s hand. Rishabh asks what’s this misbehavior, hold my hand. Priyam moves away from Rishabh.

Rishabh takes a step and falls down the stairs. Priyam shouts to Choti Maa and says Rishabh has fallen down the stairs. Priyam wants to make Rishabh believe that he is Abhimanyu. Rishabh and Choti Maa do not believe Priyam. Choti Maa shouts for Rishabh and sees him hurt. Choti Maa scolds Priyam for making Rishabh fall down. Priyam takes revenge from Rishabh, for the incident where Rishabh took him to the old fort and left him to fall down from the top. Priyam settles scores with Rishabh. Keep reading.






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