Suraj-Chakor meet on their first date in Udaan


Suraj gets angry when Chakor does not come to meet him in the fair. Chakor heads to Ranjana to talk about the past and Manohar’s death. Chakor comes to fair late. She finds Suraj annoyed. She apologizes to Suraj. Suraj tells her that she won’t get forgiveness this way. She asks him how to apologize. He asks her to win some gift for him by playing the balloon shooting game.

Chakor agrees to play the game with him. He says he will forgive her if she wins. He asks her to shoot five balloons, she will lose if she misses one. She takes the gun to shoot. Chakor gets winning.

Suraj makes Chakor miss the target. He sneezes and makes excuse. He says you still have a chance to apologize. She says no need, I m going. They start arguing. He calls her selfish to think for herself. She asks him why is he acting stubborn, and how can he call her selfish. Their nok jhok starts. Imli holds her head seeing them arguing. Suraj forgives Chakor to stop her from leaving. They have a romantic moment.


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