Thapki to encourage Bani against odds


Prince’s mother Amma Mai calls his friends and their wives home. She asks Bani to cook food for everyone. Thapki helps Bani in cooking food. Thapki asks Bani to stand at the door and sign her if anyone comes. She tells Bani that this will end soon, they are helpless, but they will save Tina. Thapki says once we save Tina, we will give them a good answer. She explains Bani that her age is to study, but Shikhawat family does not value education. She asks Bani to be strong, and they will surely fail Shikhawat family’s plans. Bani understands Thapki. She takes the food prepared by Thapki.

Bani greets Prince’s friends. Prince introduces her as his would be wife. He asks them to have the food and tell him how Bani made the food. Bani serves food to the guests. Prince’s friends like the food and praise Bani. Prince gets chilli in his food and coughs. His friend jokes on his kiddishness and asks him how will he marry if he can’t bear some chilli. They all force Prince to have food. Bani added the extra spices in his food and laughs. Prince gets angry. Amma Mai makes Bani keep fast to punish her. How will Thapki and Bihaan save Tina from Shikhawat family? Keep reading.



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