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Meri Durga: Yashpal who dearly loves Durga sends her to his sister’s house. Subhadra starts being biased towards Durga. She wants to make Durga work as maid in her house, and made false promises to Yashpal that she will educate Durga. Durga gets a shock when Subhadra starts ill treating her. Durga loves Subhadra by going on her good image. Durga gets to see Subhadra’s truth when Subhadra scolds her for a small thing. Subhadra tells Durga to work in the house, else she can even beat Durga. Durga gets trapped in Subhadra’s house. Subhadra warns her not to run away from the house. Will coach Rajveer find Durga in Bhiwani?


Chandrakanta’s anklet is lost in the jungle. Virendra gets her anklet and imagines her. She asks him to make her wear the anklet. Virendra makes her wear the anklet. He dreams of Chandrakanta. Virendra is falling in love with Chandrakanta. Virendra and Chandrakanta’s romance will be seen.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar and Roshni get Piyush to the temple. Piyush says I did not come to know Vaidehi’s truth, I trust her, I came here to prove you wrong. Simar says we are in Mata Rani temple, and the one who is right will be known. Simar prays to Mata Rani. Her prayers get answered. Vaidehi comes to temple to meet Khushi.


Naina gets attacked by the goons sent by Harjeet. Harjeet orders the goons to kill Naina’s baby. Harjeet does not want Reyaan and Ahana’s child to come in the world. She distracts Reyaan by lying about the surrogate. The goons capture Naina to kill her child, and call up Harjeet to make her hear Naina’s screams. Naina faces a life-threatening situation. Raghav thinks to forget Naina’s deceive and forget everything to support Naina in such critical time. Raghav looks for Naina to save her, after realizing Naina and her child’s lives are in danger.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Baby tricks Krishna in making her hut. Baby then reveals to Krishna that she has mistakenly helped her instead Suhani. Krishna worries and scolds Baby for the fraud. Saiyyam and Krishna help Suhani in winning the task. They help Suhani make a bigger hut. Dadi asks Suhani and Baby to live in the hut at night. Baby takes a fire lantern and gets desperate to ruin Suhani’s hut. She goes to burn the hut, seeing Suhani sleeping inside. Baby gets jealous and insecure of Suhani’s win.


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