Omkara fails to deceive Shwetlana in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara acts mad in front of the family, as per Gauri’s plan. Shwetlana also spies on Omkara. He fools her saying someone is behind her. She rejoices seeing him turn mad. He describes Maya. She wonders if her plan worked so soon. She thinks to see Jhanvi next. Omkara deceives her. Gauri asks Omkara to be more convincing. She is sure Shwetlana is fooled by them. Omkara shows her the fake knife by stabbing her. Gauri gets a shock for a second. She understands his plan after a while.

Omkara shows her the fake knife. Gauri laughs seeing the toy knife. She compliments his acting. Shwetlana hangs garland on Jhanvi’s photo. Buamaa gets angry. She asks Tej to see. Tej likes it. Buamaa gives him lecture thinking he has done it. Jhanvi shows his trust on Tej. She is sure that Tej has not done this. They understand Shwetlana has done this.

Shwetlana gives a party to everyone. Buamaa scolds her for the cheap doings. Shwetlana apologizes to Jhanvi for the joke. She tells them that Omkara is getting mentally disturbed. Buamaa rages. Omkara comes in the party to show his madness. Buamaa asks Omkara what’s happening. Omkara tells them about Maya. He convinces Shwetlana by his act. Shwetlana realizes he is acting to be mad, by spying on him. She sends a servant to get the knife from Omkara’s room. She sharpens a knife to replace with the fake one, so that Chulbul really gets killed by Omkara. Jhanvi thinks Shwetlana is behind Omkara’s state. Shwetlana gets angered and admits she is making Omkara mad. Will Shwetlana make Omkara commit a crime? Keep reading.


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