Suhani fails Baby in the contest


Dadi declares the second round where Baby and Suhani have to stay in the hut and secure it all night. Pratima wants to see Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love and togetherness again. She asks Suhani to stay alert and careful. She asks her to face Baby’s tricks well. Baby tries to burn Suhani’s hut. Saiyyam worries that Baby will do something to win and get the house property. Krishna is sure that Suhani will not leave Baby if Baby does anything. He thinks Baby will use Suhani’s guilt.

Baby sees Suhani sleeping and goes to light the hut. Suhani hears the goons attacking on Baby for her bangles. Suhani fights with the goons to save Baby. Baby stoops more low and goes to burn Suhani’s hut. Pratima asks Saiyyam and Krishna to come with her. Everyone witness Suhani saving Baby from the goons, while Baby hurts Suhani. Pratima tells Dadi that Baby has thrown soil in Suhani’s eyes.


Baby attempts to cheat and win, but loses out to Suhani. The goons turn out to be Pratima’s hired men to test Baby and Suhani. Baby’s evil truth comes out. Dadi and Pratima declare Suhani as the winner. Saiyyam hands over the house keys to Suhani and feels proud of her. Suhani apologizes to Yuvaan and feels guilty to lose him. Yuvaan’s soul comes to help her get rid of her guilt. Suhani wins a place at home. Rags and Dadi think of supporting Baby, to get rid of Suhani. They join hands to prove Suhani mad.


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