Bhaiya ji to save Chakor’s life in Udaan


Vivaan gets a pistol and plays a game with Chakor. He asks Chakor to shoot herself and if her luck is good she will get saved. Vivaan always protected her, and now he has become her enemy. Vivaan thinks Chakor has cheated him, and Ranjana provoked him against Chakor. He tries to kill Chakor and take revenge. Bhaiya ji plays dumbroo and gets in front of Chakor, to save her. Vivaan and Chakor get shocked seeing Bhaiya ji saving Chakor.

Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji are you mad, Chakor is enemy of both of us, I will do what you always wanted to do, I will kill Chakor today. Bhaiya ji says I can’t see blood, I m Lord. Vivaan says Chakor is your old enemy, don’t stop me from killing Chakor. Bhaiya ji stops Vivaan. Chakor runs away from there. Chakor thinks how Bhaiya ji lost his mental balance and thinks there is some secret unknown to her. Is Bhaiya ji acting to be mad or is Ragini behind making him mentally unstable? Keep reading.


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