Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Shakti: Harman adopted a child and got home so that Preeto can get a heir. Preeto cries in shock and scolds Soumya. She tells Harman and Soumya that when a bahu of this house gives birth to a baby, that’s called a heir. She tells Harman that she will not accept anyone’s child as her grandson. Preeto tries explaining Harman that kinner can be loved, but kinner can’t be made a life partner. Harman does not understand.


Vivaan gets a pistol and plays a game with Chakor. He asks Chakor to shoot herself and if her luck is good she will get saved. Vivaan always protected her, and now he has become her enemy. Vivaan thinks Chakor has cheated him, and Ranjana provoked him against Chakor. He tries to kill Chakor and take revenge. Bhaiya ji plays dumbroo and gets in front of Chakor, to save her. Vivaan and Chakor get shocked seeing Bhaiya ji saving Chakor.


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is ready to get Bani married to Prince. She tells Amma mai that she will get Bani and Prince’s marriage done. Pandey family gets a shock. Amma mai gives the good news to everyone by shooting the bullet in air to give a tribute. Vasundara yells on her that anyone would have got hurt, how could she shoot in air this way. Amma mai tells everyone that Thapki is going to give a news, which may surprise you or upset you. Thapki took decision to stop the fight and take this step to find some way. She fears Bani will hate her, but thinks to explain her plan to Bani.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush cries for his mistake and apologizes to Roshni. He takes care of Roshni. He promises her that he will always be with her. He calls doctor to check Roshni. Roshni is glad seeing his concern. She got a chance to prove her life. She hopes Piyush will accept her now and reciprocate her feelings. Roshni was wrong before and has turned positive. She wants Piyush to realize she has changed. Piyush feeds the soup to her. Mata ji gets happy seeing Piyush taking care of Rishni. Simar is annoyed with Piyush and sends him out of the ward. She takes care of Roshni.


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