Harman and Soumya to adopt a child in Shakti


Harman adopted a child and got home so that Preeto can get a heir. Preeto cries in shock and scolds Soumya. She tells Harman and Soumya that when a bahu of this house gives birth to a baby, that’s called a heir. She tells Harman that she will not accept anyone’s child as her grandson. Preeto tries explaining Harman that kinner can be loved, but kinner can’t be made a life partner. Harman does not understand.

Preeto says a kinner can’t compete with a woman. Preeto tells her past to Harman. She says she was a widow, and her brother in law Harak married her to keep his family values and traditions. She tells Harman about his father’s death, and how Harman supported her. Harman gets a big shock. Harak tries stopping Preeto from telling everything. Preeto gets emotional and cries. Harman consoles her.

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