Thapki’s decision to shock Pandey family


Thapki is ready to get Bani married to Prince. She tells Amma mai that she will get Bani and Prince’s marriage done. Pandey family gets a shock. Amma mai gives the good news to everyone by shooting the bullet in air to give a tribute. Vasundara yells on her that anyone would have got hurt, how could she shoot in air this way.

Amma mai tells everyone that Thapki is going to give a news, which may surprise you or upset you. Thapki took decision to stop the fight and take this step to find some way. She fears Bani will hate her, but thinks to explain her plan to Bani. Amma mai is happy with Thapki. Thapki feels Amma mai is wrong, child marriage should not happen. Amma mai is orthodox and does not want to understand. Thapki and Bihaan have freed Tina by fooling Kesar. Now, they just have to fool Amma mai and stop Bani’s marriage.



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