Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Thapki Pyaar Ki: Thapki gives a good answer to Shraddha. She fails Shraddha’s plan. She got to know Shraddha took her disguise and fixed Bani’s relation. Now, Thapki is creating problems for Shraddha when the latter is in Thapki’s disguise. Monty is after Thapki’s life. Shraddha gets caught by him.

Shraddha worries and runs from there to save her life. Shraddha gets alert knowing Thapki’s plan. Later, Thapki proves Bani is mad. Amma mai does not want to make mad girl her bahu. She cancels the marriage. Thapki teaches a lesson to Amma mai. Thapki wants to make house situation fine. Shraddha has to give an answer to family. Thapki and Vasundara get glad to succeed in their plan.


Devanshi gives away Kusum Sundari’s earnings which she got by duping people’s devotion. Devanshi looks for a shattering truth. She knows Kusum Sundari’s dark secret will help her in ruining her reign. Kusum Sundari has been hiding someone since 14 years. The person happens to be Kusum Sundari and Mohan’s son, whom Kusum Sundari kept away from the world’s sight. Devanshi reaches the boy by her attempts and Maiyya’s blessings.


Karan comes to the village and teaches music to the poor kids. Naina gets to see Karan smiling and living happily for the first time. Karan likes the kids’ company. He plays guitar and looks jolly. Naina gets surprised seeing his new side. Karan did not wish anyone to interfere in his personal time. Naina followed him and wanted to know what’s there in Karan’s life. She did not know Karan will visit the village. She finds Karan doing a good thing.


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