High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira move out of Goenka house, by Kartik’s decision. Naira regrets to break Suwarna’s hopes. Kartik and Naira will be seen romancing. On the other hand, there are celebrations in Goenka house. Goenkas keep the Ghangaur puja. Suwarna believes that Naira will come for the puja and also get Kartik along. She knows Kartik does not like her, but Naira regards her mum. Manish and Dadi do not expect Naira to come. Suwarna keeps the puja plate ready for Naira. Dadi wants to see if Suwarna’s belief will turn true or not. Singhanias reach Goenka house. Naira comes in the Ghanghor puja with Kartik, and brings happiness for Goenkas.

Piya Albela:

Pooja is given the task to get Naren back from the path of spirituality. Naren is young and should enjoy life as per his parents. They want him to join the family business, being their only son. Naren has no interest in money, business and love. He wants to lead a simple life. Pooja follows Naren when Naren leaves on a new journey. He joins the saints on a yatra. He wants to find some answers to his questions.


Ricky has made a new plan. Kokila calls pandit ji home to know Navratri mahurat. Pandit gives the mahurat. Kokila says its good we got another day to do preparations. Ricky tells Gopi that he has got all the items by following list, she can tell him if anything is left, he can go and get it. Kokila is happy seeing his efforts. She says I m glad that you got all the things so soon,, you kept my wishes and paid respect. Ricky did not change and is acting sweet to Kokila. Ricky convinced pandit to postpone the mahurat. Sita gets to know about Ricky’s plan to give wrong mahurat. Sita prepares to keep all puja plates and Shringhaar. Gopi asks Sita to go and sleep, as there is much time. Sita does all the arrangements in advance to help the family.


Maldawali asks Rangeela to take Shivani to the kitchen, as she is hurt. Rangeela says she can go herself, no need to lift her and take, her legs did not break, you can hold her and take her. Maldawali says Veer has seen you doing the aid to Shivani, so you want to be away from Shivani. She shows his reality to be Veer’s servant and teases him. Shivani hears their arguments. Rangeela refuses to lift Shivani. Rangeela gets angry when Shivani comes to him. He says you don’t look when you smile, I think your fate did not have smiling. She asks him to make her cry if he wants.


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