Chakor and Suraj to oppose Vivaan’s wrong doings in Udaan


After Bhaiya ji saves Chakor, Vivaan gets angry and holds his collar shouting he has gone mad. Ranjana stops Vivaan. She says Bhaiya ji is unwell and not doing this intentionally, Bhaiya ji jokes on her and calls her Tejaswini. Vivaan asks why is he calling you Tejaswini. Ranjana says he is joking. Vivaan asks about his behavior. Bhaiya ji shouts he is Lord. Vivaan laughs seeing him acting mad. He says this should have happened with you, one husband died and other got mad. Vivaan hurts Ranjana. He says Chakor has run away because of Bhaiya ji, you wanted to hide that Bhaiya ji got mad. She says I did not know this. Vivaan says your and Bhaiya ji’s reign ended now, just Ragini and I will manage everything, you will not do anything.

On the other hand, Chakor is falling in problems again. Suraj and Chakor reach Vivaan’s factory. They see the little kids working in factory and making arms. Chakor tries to get them out, but guards stop her. Suraj and Chakor scold the guard. Chakor confronts Vivaan. Vivaan denies everything. He asks Chakor to not tell Suraj about the threatening. Chakor says I was with Imli. Vivaan gets scared that Imli can know his truth. Vivaan says Chakor is lying and reacts weird.

In the village, everyone do aarti together. Chakor and Imli join them. Pakhi sings a good song and makes everyone glad. Suraj hugs her and says I will give a prize to Pakhi. She says I don’t want any prize, I want Suraj to sing. Everyone ask Suraj to sing. Suraj says no, I can’t sing, I have never sung. They all insist. Chakor says you have to make a start some day. Imli asks Suraj to sing as its Chakor’s command. Suraj knows he sings too bad. Suraj sings song for Chakor.

Bhaiya ji comes there and meets Suraj. He scolds Suraj for singing so bad and asks did I teach this to you, get out, stand there. Bhaiya ji takes the mic and sings the song which he used to sing for Tejaswini many years ago. He expresses his love for Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji apologizes to everyone as his son has sung badly. He tells everyone that he is Bholenath and can do anything. Ranjana stops him. He refuses to go with her. Ranjana tells villagers that Bhaiya ji is joking today. He shouts. Everyone gets to know he has turned mad.


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