Gopi and Jaggi fail to transform Ricky in Saathiya

sns ricky

Ricky is happy to leave back to Singapore. The one month challenge is ending. Its Ricky’s last day in India. He went to pub to celebrate and comes home with a girl. Kokila finds him drunk and scolds him. Ricky says she is my girlfriend and asks Kokila to keep her mouth shut. He misbehaves. He takes the girl to his room. She asks him to answer where are Gopi and Jaggi who went to find him. She gets angry. She calls up Jaggi and asks them to come home.

Jaggi and Gopi see the girl in Ricky’s room. Jaggi slaps Ricky. He asks the girl to get out. He says we respect women, but do not support all this. She asks him how can rich people be so orthodox. He asks her to just shut up and leave. Ricky does not care for whatever happens, as he would be leaving from Modi house the next day. Ricky calls police to get Jaggi arrested. Jaggi was trying to make Ricky good person. Kokila gets heartbroken and tells Ricky that he has taken revenge from Jaggi and Gopi, and she will never forgive him for this.

Ricky asks Gopi to fold hands and apologize to him, if she wants Jaggi free. Ricky was angry on Jaggi for slapping him. Jaggi and Ricky have cat and mouse fights. They both do not care by the fights, but it hurts Gopi. Ricky’s plan fails as Jaggi does not get arrested. Gopi apologizes to Ricky to save Jaggi. Ricky thinks he has got what he wanted. Kokila goes to pray to Kanha ji, and now she will take her angry avatar to teach Ricky a lesson. She knows Ricky will not understand so easily. Jaggi will not be quiet and will definitely do something to answer Ricky.


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