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Its Riya’s birthday. Neil and Avni plan her surprise birthday party and keep a Bollywood theme. Avni becomes Babli and Neil becomes Chulbul Pandey. Neil and Avni are thinking about each other. Neil doubts Avni has the locket part and drags her to room, to check the locket. He sees the other locket. He doubts she is the famous thief he is finding. Avni clears his doubt. She asks him why did he get silent now. She knew Neil will check her locket and changed it while getting ready for the party. Avni’s smartness saves her. Avni’s pendant has Aisha’s pic. Neil was pretty sure that Avni’s pendant is same, but she changes it. Neil gets confused.

Udaan:After Bhaiya ji saves Chakor, Vivaan gets angry and holds his collar shouting he has gone mad. Ranjana stops Vivaan. She says Bhaiya ji is unwell and not doing this intentionally, Bhaiya ji jokes on her and calls her Tejaswini. Vivaan asks why is he calling you Tejaswini. Ranjana says he is joking. Vivaan asks about his behavior. Bhaiya ji shouts he is Lord. Vivaan laughs seeing him acting mad. He says this should have happened with you, one husband died and other got mad. Vivaan hurts Ranjana. He says Chakor has run away because of Bhaiya ji, you wanted to hide that Bhaiya ji got mad. She says I did not know this. Vivaan says your and Bhaiya ji’s reign ended now, just Ragini and I will manage everything, you will not do anything.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira dances with her inlaws women in Gangaur puja. She misses Akshara. Naira fulfills bahu’s duties. Naira does the puja with everyone. Kartik is happy to see her. Singhanias and Maheswaris join the Goenkas. The family sees Akshara in Naira. Naira looks Akshara’s shadow. Naira prays for Kartik’s long life and happiness. Everyone is happy to celebrate Gangaur. Its Naira’s first festival in her inlaws. Aditya gets to know Mansi has done Akshara’s accident. Aditya thinks to reveal it to Naira to break Kartik and Naira’s relation. Will Aditya ruin their happiness?


Veer challenges Rangeela to compete with him and do workout. Rangeela is wounded and gets more hurt. Veer is showing attitude to his servant after much time. Veer tortures Rangeela. Shivani worries seeing Rangeela. Veer has done this to make Rangeela forget Shivani. He says Rangeela has to bear more pain to end all the pain. He asks Rangeela to become strong and then make Shivani away from him. Veer’s approach is not right. Rangeela has no way than to obey Veer. Veer does not want Shivani to get sympathetic towards Rangeela. He wants to keep Rangeela and Shivani away. Veer asks Rangeela to treat Shivani as master’s wife.


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