Surbhi to leave from Harman-Soumya’s lives in Shakti


When the baby cries for milk, Preeto taunts Soumya about feeding the baby. She says a kinner can’t feed a child. Soumya faces insult. Surbhi finds Harman happy with Soumya and leaves from the house. Harman is always supportive of Soumya. He says Lord made out unique relation, and even Surbhi wants Soumya to be safe. Harman gave Soumya a complete family by adopting a child. He does not want Soumya to face any insult to be a kinner. Soumya’s parents and inlaws did not accept her. Soumya wants to experience motherhood by heart.

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Preeto gets angry on Soumya. Preeto asks whom will we answer and what will we say when Harman and Soumya go out with the baby. There is tension regarding the child adopted. Singh family is hurt by this. Everyone’s sentiments are hurt. Harman wanted to give protective environment to Soumya as he has promised her. He wants to make Preeto happy by adopting the child to make the family get an heir. Preeto does not want villagers to know the adoption truth. Surbhi is annoyed with Soumya and leaves home. Soumya gets to know Surbhi is at Nani’s house. She goes to Nani with Harman, and does not find Soumya. She thinks where did Surbhi go, and why is Surbhi hiding from her. Soumya comes home and faces Preeto’s anger.


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