Baby attempts to kill Dadi in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Baby does a cheap thing to make Suhani dance for the strangers. She punishes Suhani. The men ask Suhani to perform as they gave money to Baby. Yuvraaj comes there in disguise and gives money to Baby, asking her to send Suhani with him. He says this girl will just dance for me, you can have this deal sealed. Baby gets greedy seeing the bag and agrees. Baby falls more low to sell Suhani. He asks Baby to send everyone out of the house.

Dadi and Rags come home and see Baby organizing a dance show at home. Dadi shouts on Baby. She asks Baby did she go mad, does she not care for family respect. Baby says I was punishing Suhani. Dadi says punishment is given in limits. She asks Suhani to go and change. Baby defends her evil step. Dadi did not know Baby can take such step. Dadi does not want Baby to ruin Birla family respect, even if he dislikes Suhani. Baby argues with Yuvraaj and disrespects him. Dadi gets furious on Baby. She reminds her favors to Baby, and also asks Baby tto remember her limits.

Later, Baby attempts to kill Dadi in anger over the arguments. Suhani makes a plan and asks Dadi to act as ghost. Dadi dressed up like a spirit meets Baby. She gets a cake for Baby and wants to celebrate her birthday with Baby. Baby screams seeing Dadi. She speaks out that she has killed Dadi. Saiyyam and Bhavna try to comfort Baby, as per their plan. Saiyyam tells Baby that Dadi is not between them now. Baby wonders how did she see Dadi. She believes Dadi has come back to take revenge. Will Suhani succeed in exposing Baby? Keep reading.


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