Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Soumya’s journey has never been easy. Kareena will be planning against Soumya and family. Soumya and Harman are trying to unite Raavi and Balwinder. Balwinder’s family has refused to accept Raavi. Harman and Soumya call up and meet Balwinder at the cafe. Harman asks Balwinder to take a stand for his wife. He explains how he always supports Soumya by going against the family. He asks Balwinder why is he scared of his dad. He suggests him to support Raavi if he truly loves her. Kareena tells other kinners to form a group and tell everyone about Soumya living a normal life. Preeto thinks Soumya is responsible for whatever happened with Raavi. She makes a plan to make Soumya out of house. Harak asks Preeto to do anything she wants. Will Preeto succeed to make Soumya out of house?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar makes Piyush leave the house. Simar has taken an important decision. She tells Mata ji and family that Piyush will not stay here. Piyush has realized his mistakes. He is now facing problems when he turned good. Simar wants Piyush to regret his doings. Simar and Mata ji explained him much about Vaidehi, but he trusted Vaidehi. Simar is hurt that Piyush did not trust Simar and risked Roshni’s life. She does not want to forgive Piyush so easily. She wants Piyush to realize mistake totally and repent.

Suraj goes to fill water from well. Chakor thinks to end the dullness and gets naughty. Chakor plans to fool Suraj on April fools day. She makes a plan with the other women. She asks the village women to fool Suraj and make him remove kurta. Suraj removes his kurta and gets the water from well. The ladies laugh and tell it was Chakor’s plan. Suraj wears his kurta and runs after Chakor to catch her. They run around in the village and fight like kids. Chakor and Suraj’s fun moments will be seen.


Meghna and Naina worry for Sharda and want to meet her. Dada ji asks them to stay at home. They wonder why did Dada ji not support them this time. Meghna apologizes to Nirmala. She says we both have to leave right now, we can’t do Aarti. Nirmala asks why do they want to leave. Naina says we are much worried for Sharda. Dada ji tells them that he spoke to Sharda in morning, and everything is fine there, it was a misunderstanding. He asks Meghna and Naina to meet Sharda, as he has called her here itself. Meghna and Naina get glad.

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Devanshi and Vardaan are getting engaged. Devanshi intentionally falls down and presses the tiger nail of the idol to open the secret way. Vardaan finds out Ishwar in the secret room. Everyone get happy seeing Ishwar alive. Vardaan and Devanshi get more against Kusum Sundari.


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