Dev and Bijoy get locked in a room in Kuch Rang…


Golu plays cricket and hits the ball, which falls in haldi bowl. This becomes a reason of tension. Dev asks Bijoy not to scold kids for playing cricket. Bijoy scolds Dev. Dev says I would have gone with them and this would have not happened. Bijoy calls him oversmart. He says Dev does not want us to have happiness, so he did this. Dev asks Bijoy not to cross his limits. Bijoy asks what about the limits you crossed, will you talk to elders this way, will you teach this to Suhana, you can’t become a good father.

Dev asks him to stop him and warns. Dev says you are sensible and understand everything. Bijoy says Dev wanted to hit ball on my face, its enough now, either of me or Dev will stay in this house. Dev says fine, I will book a taxi for you. The guests look at them. The arguments get funny, as Dev does not stop defending. Asha interrupts and takes them away from the guests. She drags them upstairs. Asha locks Bijoy and Dev in the room and asks them to sort their differences. Everyone is hurt seeing Bijoy and Dev’s issues. Bijoy asks Asha to open the door. Asha punishes them for creating an issue in Saurabh’s haldi. Bijoy and Dev are left in the room. They have silence around for some time and start arguing again.


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