Baby to marry Saiyyam next in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Baby decides to bond with Saiyyam. She takes care of him. He gives her a chocolate. She gets glad and recalls the old days. Saiyyam gradually wins Baby’s trust by acting rude with Krishna, and blaming her to still love Yuvaan. Baby gets close to Saiyyam. Saiyyam and Krishna plan works. Baby gets the divorce papers and tells Saiyyam that she will divorce Yuvraaj, and not stay in fake marriage, when Saiyyam is with her. She hands over the divorce papers to Yuvraaj and frees him. Yuvraaj asks her why is she doing this. She asks her to happily sign papers and not ask anything. He says I want to know the reason for this. She does not tell him her plans. He refuses to sign. Saiyyam also acts and asks Krishna to give him divorce. They make fake papers. Saiyyam takes Krishna’s signs. Krishna is glad to go close to victory. Suhani fears anything can happen. Saiyyam and Krishna ask Suhani not to take any tension. Baby determines to marry Saiyyam. Saiyyam agrees to marry Baby, if she divorces Yuvraaj the same day.

Yuvraaj tells Baby that she can send Suhani to jail once he signs the papers. Baby tells him that she will give all evidence to him, and makes him sign on the papers.

Yuvani makes an entry home and meets Suhani. Suhani gets a big support in Yuvani. They miss Yuvaan and cry. Dadi does not know Baby’s shameful plans to marry Saiyyam. Baby tells Dadi that she was scared and punished Suhani. Dadi scolds Baby angrily. Baby thinks to kill Dadi and fixes the hitting bulbs in Dadi’s room. She thinks once Dadi dies, Saiyyam and she will rule in Birla house.

Suhani and Yuvraaj’s plan succeeds as Baby is divorcing him. Suhani is worried for Saiyyam and Krishna’s relation. He asks her not to worry. Krishna acts and begs to Baby to leave her husband. Baby does not listen to her. Saiyyam gives his divorce papers to Baby. He fools Baby. She tells him about her plans to kill Dadi in her room. Suhani hears the conversation and heads to Dadi to save her life. Baby tells Saiyyam that they will marry once Dadi dies, and then they will get the property too. She asks Saiyyam to come with her and marry. They head to the temple. Suhani saves Dadi from the bulbs. She tells Dadi about Baby’s plan to kill her. Suhani and Yuvraaj expose Baby in front of Dadi. Saiyyam fakes the marriage with Baby. Keep reading.






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