Rangeela gets death punishment in Ghulaam


Shivani was happy when her weight increased. She thought now her husband will not face any problem. Shivani reached the ideal weight and got healthy, but she weighed less in front of everyone. Rangeela could not know how weight got less. Rangeela confirmed by making Shivani in another weigh balance. Shivani did not wish Rangeela to get punished. Veer loves Rangeela, who has been more than a brother and servant than a Ghulaam. It gets tough for Veer to punish Rangeela. But, he is helpless and decides to be firm on his words.

Rangeela has failed in the task given by Veer. Rangeela could not make Shivani’s weight as desired by family. Veer announces death punishment for Rangeela. Rangeela goes to meet his mum for the last time. She gets glad to see him. He gives her some money. He says I m going away tomorrow. She asks where are you going, I will come along. He lies that he is going to start an icecream factory for her. She rests in his lap and does not want him to go. Rangeela is sad to leave his mum and accept Veer’s command. Will Shivani save Rangeela?


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