Ricky to spoil Modi’s Navratri in Saathiya


Ricky bribes pandit and fools Gopi by wrong mahurat of Navrati. Gopi got to know about Navratri started today itself. Gopi is trying to reach home on time and runs on the road. Ricky asks her to leave it, you won’t reach home this way. She says failure is not in my nature, I will try and not let my devotion fail. Ricky tries to stop her. He tells a man not to allow Gopi to call home, as she has run away from home and she is mentally unstable.

Gopi says there is nothing like that, I have to make an urgent call home. The man does not allow her to make call. Jaggi reaches there when Gopi falls on the road. Gopi tells him that Navratri mahurat is today, stop the family from having food. Jaggi gets angry on Ricky. She asks him to call home. Jaggi says I think I forgot phone at home. Ricky says your Lord is with me. Gopi asks Jaggi to come fast, they will go home. Jaggi pushes Ricky and does not let him sit in their car. Ricky asks them to take him. Jaggi asks him to catch bus and come, else Lord gave him legs to use. Ricky runs after their car.


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