Suraj’s new challenge for Chakor in Udaan


Suraj keeps a condition in front of Chakor. Chakor goes to all villagers and asks them for Suraj’s belongings. Suraj and Chakor have sweet arguments. Chakor does the work for Suraj’s sake. She tells lady that she will get a new mattress for her, but asks her to give Suraj’s bedding back. The lady asks her to leave. She refuses to accept Chakor’s offer. Suraj has challenged Chakor to get all the things back, which Bhaiya ji sold to villagers at one rupee rate.

Chakor tells villagers to exchange the old things with new ones. Even then, villagers refuse. Chakor loses temper and asks what will I do, when my husband wants all the old things back. She calls him mad to reject new things and ask for his old things. Suraj calls her angry cat. He asks Chakor to stop it, as he doesn’t want anything back. She says I will get torn jacket, dirty shoes and your bad mattress. He stops her and apologizes. He tells Chakor that he likes all the new things she got for him. Chakor will be setting a living space for Suraj in haveli, after making Vivaan agree to her conditions to allow Suraj and Tejaswini come back in the haveli. Chakor has no option than to blackmail Vivaan, knowing how evil he is turning.


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