Naina to win Karan’s trust in Swabhimaan


Naina is happy when Karan shakes hands with her. It’s a wonderful day for Naina. Karan has taken a step of friendship towards her. Naina says you are very talented, I have seen your talent, I want the world to learn your talent. He says fine, I agree I m talented, but how will things come ahead to accept me. She asks him to go ahead and meet the world, show his talents and win recognition. Karan likes her idea, and says you are right, the world can’t come to me, but I can go out to the world to showcase my talents.

She asks him to meet doctor and wear the magical gloves, as the infection won’t spread to anyone. She asks him would he touch Dada ji’s feet, or hug his mum, what will he do first. She shows him medical papers that the gloves are very much safe. Karan is glad that she is looking after his medicines. He is touched as Naina thought for him so much, that she understood his feelings, he wanted to hug his mum and stay with his family. He thanks her for her efforts and shakes hands with her, saying he will first touch her.

She was expecting Karan to meet his mum and Dada ji first, but to her surprise, Karan said he wanted to touch his friend first. Karan started trusting her. Naina and Karan get emotional. She convinces him to participate in dance competition for his mum’s sake, who would feel bad if he backs out. She emotionally talks to him. Karan agrees to participate with her in the best couple-dance competition. She hopes her relation gets fine soon.


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